Waste Not Want Not


Organic, Unpackaged.

We sell organic, unpackaged, plant based wholefoods. You can take back control with our weigh your own system and can purchase as much or as little as you choose. Bring a container of your choice along to the shop, weigh, fill, weigh again and pay.

We specialise in #ZeroWaste

We are all aware of the plastic epidemic that we face and we are waking up to one of the biggest decisions that we are confronted with everyday. “Do I give into convenience?”

At ‘Waste Not Want Not’ you can support a circular economy by purchasing packaging-free and refilling your existing containers.

Rejoice in plastic free shopping!

How it works

All our customers are encouraged to bring along containers from home. As long as the containers or produce bag is clean, all containers are accepted.

When you come into the shop for the first time, or with a different container, using the self serve scales, you will be able to weigh your container and be presented with a barcode that retains this information for everytime you fill up 


Weigh your empty container, we supply labels so you only have to do this once.


Fill your container with the product of your choice, take just what you need.


Weigh the filled container to find out exactly how much product you have taken.


Go to the till and pay for just the product you need and not a penny more.

Have you got a question?

We're here to help and would love to be able to answer any question you might have and tell you more about all the exciting new products and offers we have in the shop.