Waste Not Want Not


Organic, Unpackaged.

We sell organic, unpackaged, plant based wholefoods. You can take back control with our weigh your own system and can purchase as much or as little as you choose. Bring a container of your choice along to the shop, weigh, fill, weigh again and pay.


We are all aware of the plastic epidemic that we face and we are waking up to one of the biggest decisions that we are confronted with everyday. “Do I give into convenience?”

At ‘Waste Not Want Not’ you can support a circular economy by purchasing packaging-free and refilling your existing containers.

Becoming Zero Waste is not a simple undertaking… but it does not mean that it is impossible. We can all follow steps in our day to day life that would make an instant difference. By creating less demand for packaging and single use production, we can set the example and change consumer perception. With a little thought and change of habit, we can all be on a journey to Zero Waste and support each other along the way. Join ***Zero Waste Bridport on Facebook*** to become a part of Bridport’s support network for those wanting to become more sustainable and Zero Waste.

Be a pioneer and turn the tide on plastic and packaging pollution. Be a part of the solution.

My Story

Hello, my name is Lydia, I’m the founder of ‘Waste Not Want Not’, the first Zero Waste shop in Dorset. I invite you to join me in becoming a pioneer to alleviate plastic production and live in harmony with nature and society.

I have always been careful with my resources and mindful of what happened to any waste. Each day I challenge myself, my perspective and opinions; through my adolescence and to this day, my concern for the environment and our impact on Planet Earth grew and with it my yearning to live sustainably.

After graduating from university with a degree in design, I was still unsure on a path in life but was certain that it had to be sustainable, simple and rewarding.

I am a member of Bridport Gig Club, an on sea traditional cornish pilot gig rowing team, and row from West Bay (Bridport Harbour).

The inception of my shop ‘Waste Not Want Not’ is the culmination of providing a service, inspiration and guidance for the community and fulfilling my life’s dream on my way to living sustainably.

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