Click + Collect

Orders placed before 10am Monday to Friday will be available for collection same day by 2pm.

Please state your preferred collection time, in the delivery note at checkout.

What is ‘Click + Collect’?


‘Click + Collect’ allows you to order from us online and at your own pace.  We can process and pack your orders at our shop, ready for collection at an arranged date and time.




All packaging elements, including the reused boxes are intended to be returned to us, where we will file them away under your name only and specifically for that food item.  This way, we can avoid any cross-contamination and be assured that we uphold the highest food safety standards.




Providing your own bottles* for liquids, will reduce the unnecessary production of further packaging and will allow for you to retain your own bottles*, exclusively for your orders. You can exchange any liquid orders, with your 2nd set of empty and clearly labelled containers*.

…but what about packaging?

We are pleased to have many customers showing keen and critical interest into how the packaging will work.

Using sturdy recycled food grade paper bags, your food packaging will be fastened with undyed sustainably grown string. Alternatively, we encourage you to source or make organic cotton produce bags of all sizes, that can be deposited with us.  We find this to be the most sustainable method going forward, whilst still supporting a circular relationship between ourselves and our customers.

Paper bags won’t hold liquids…

Click + Collect packaging for liquids will also be supplied on a rotary basis, but we will be unable to supply any liquids before you first deposit your own suitable bottles*.




…Very careful thought went into deciding the logistics of this and we have come to the decision that this will be the most low impact method, with no need to employ planet harmful sterilising tablets or further unnecessary packaging… whilst retaining a completely circular economy between ourselves and our customers.

We hope that you agree 🙂 !


If you’d like to clarify any of this will us please do drop us an email on – we are always happy to help find the right solution for all of us.

*You can use any safe, tightly sealing container that you like for your household and personal care liquids.