Shopping with Waste Not Want Not

How can I shop with Waste Not Want Not?

There are 3 different ways you can shop with us:
1. At our independent shop, Waste Not Want Not, 17 South Street, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3NR
2. From you home using our low impact postal orders.  We are not currently offering this for any of our refills.
3. Utilise our click-and-collect service.

What does Waste Not Want Not sell?

Everything we sell, along with prices can be found via our products page here.

What if Waste Not Want Not doesn’t stock something I would like them to stock?

Let us know, either in store, on the phone, via email or any of our social media platforms.

Does your physical shop carry everything that we see on your website?

Yes.  We endeavour to keep the website up to date at all times, so if a product shows as in stock on the website, most likely it will be available in store.

Is everything Waste Not Want Not sells organic?

We support organic products and about 100% of our food is organic. We are constantly looking for innovative, organic and low impact/plastic free options. Much of our personal care range is organic.

Why does Waste Not Want Not opt for organic?

“Organic means working with nature, not against it.” (Soil Association, 2017)

They say 3 is the magic number, so how about these 3 easy facts:

Fewer pesticides

No artificial additives or preservatives

No GM ingredients

To make sure all of this happens, producers, whether it be farms or manufacturers, have to be inspected every year and as it’s no easy certification to gain, buying organic means you really do get what you’re paying for, nothing more and nothing less.

We think the Soil Association (2017) sum it up really nicely when they say ‘whatever you’re buying – from cotton buds to carrots – when you choose organic food, drink or beauty and textiles, you choose products that promote a better world’.

Looking for more reasons for why Organic is best? How about 10…

Avoid chemicals

Benefit from more nutrients

Enjoy better taste

Avoid GMO

Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in animal products

Preserve our ecosystems

Reduce pollution and protect water and soil

Preserve agricultural diversity

Support farming directly

Keep our children and future safe

Further reading:

Soil Association
The Guardian

Is shopping with Waste Not Want Not more expensive than the supermarkets?

Absolutely not. This is a common misconception surrounding Waste Not Want Not, but we are confident that our prices are very competitive. Of course, you have to keep in mind when comparing our prices whether the item is organic or not.

Please note that we have never and will not price compare our products to supermarkets of other local stores.  We believe in price transparency and appreciating the true value of our products and services.


Does Waste Not Want Not take card payments?

Yes. You can pay with both card and cash (online only card can be used). We do not accept American Express.

Do I need Glass jars to shop with Waste Not Want Not ?

Not at all. In fact, we’d prefer you give a 2nd life to a container you already have by reusing it. We will refill anything from old take-away containers, pillow cases, your previous food packets or the mango chutney jar you just finished. Of course, if you already have jars, then they are very welcome!


Do you sell containers for us to refill?  We have already disposed of any usable containers!!

Yes.  We have a great range of jars, caddies and bottles.  Of course, we always recommend a trip round local second hand shops firstly, for quirky and low impact options.


What do I need to get started with single-use plastic-free shopping?

An item on your shopping list that we sell and any type of container you’re willing to shop with.


Do you do home delivery?

Not at present… but purchasing a delivery van is high up on our wish list.  We will not compromise on purchasing a Zero Emissions electric van.

Is there a minimum order for Click & Collect?

There is no minimum order.

Will you reuse my packaging for anyone else’s order?

Absolutely not! Each product you order will come in a bag with your name on. When you return them to us, they are placed in our filing system under your name and will only ever be used for you.

How do I include liquids in my Click & Collect order?

As you know, we work by focusing on the important R that is REUSE.

All packaging is on rotation. This means you hand back your previous order’s packaging when you are next in store. This way, we can continue to provide you with low impact orders without using more packaging than needed.

This is the same for any liquids. However, we will not have your containers, to begin with. Therefore, you must drop off any suitable containers* of your choice, clearly labelled, with your name and intended use, before you place a Click & Collect order for any of the liquids.

Once we have those, you can add them to your online basket and check out so that we can refill them.

Unfortunately, we are unable to start this off without you supplying your containers because, frankly, we don’t want to buy any more plastic than needed. 🙂

This is the best method that we have found to keep contamination to a minimum and for you to retain your original containers.

If you’d like to clarify any of this will us please do drop us an email on hello@wastenotwantnotbridport.co.uk – we are always happy to help find the right solution for all of us.

*You can use any safe, tightly sealing container that you like for your household liquids

Could you come give a demonstration of talk to our community group/school?

Send us an email to hello@wastenotwantnotbridport.co.uk

Get stocked at Waste Not Want Not

What type of products is Waste Not Want Not looking to stock?
Anything and everything that we NEED in our lives that is cruelty-free, low impact and perhaps up cycled.

I have a product I feel would fit perfectly with Waste Not Want Not , what’s next?
Amazing! Contact Lydia on hello@wastenotwantnotbridport.co.uk

I believe I can stock something that Charlotte’s Cupboard already stocks, but better. Whom do I tell?
Contact Lydia on hello@wastenotwantnotbridport.co.uk

Set-up enquiries

Read it here.

I am interested in setting up my own static shop, do you have any advice?

We have chatted for hours to new friends who needed advice setting up shop and are always happy to share our successes and trials.  Our friends at Earth.Food.Love have created a help PDF for a static shop which is very useful. Read their PDF here .

I was thinking more mobile, a shop that visits isolated communities, do you know about this?

Yes!  We have some inspirational contemporaries who gave their best shot at running a successful mobile low impact shop.  Charlotte’s Cupboard prepared this fab PDF to help you out with al the common questions: Read it here.