Gift Voucher – Terms & Conditions


1.1. These terms and conditions apply to gift cards provided and issued

by Waste Not Want Not Bridport Limited, 17 South Street, Bridport,

Dorset, DT6 3NR, (“Voucher”).

1.2. In this agreement, “We”, “Us” or “Our” refers to the voucher issuer.

“You” or “Your” refers to the individual purchasing or using the Gift Card

in question.

1.3. The production of Gift Cards and the technology systems required

to operate the associated Gift Card programmes are provided by Us

and We also provides customer support for Gift Cards as set out in

section 14 below.

1.4. This document sets out an agreement between You and Us

governing the possession and use of Your Gift Card. This agreement

will last for a period of twelve months, starting on the date that the Gift

Card was purchased. This agreement and all communications between

You and Us shall be in the English language.

1.5. By purchasing or using a Gift Card You are indicating to Us that

You agree to all of the terms and conditions in this agreement. It is the

responsibility of the purchaser to inform the intended cardholder that

usage of the Gift Card is subject to these terms and conditions.


2.1. Gift Cards are only affiliated with Waste Not Want Not Limited and

can only be spent instore (subject to change, limited to inclusion of

online purchases on

2.2. Our Gift Cards do not fall under the scope of the payment services

or electronic money regulation. The purchase of a Gift Card is the

purchase of a means of payment; it does not constitute a deposit. You

will not earn interest on the balance of a Gift Card.

2.3. The Gift Card and its balance are valid for a period of twelve

months from the date of purchase (or the date on which We accept

payment for Your order in the case of Gift Cards purchased on the

Internet). Your Gift Card will cease to be valid twelve months from the

date of purchase. On that date, the Gift Card will cease to function and

You will no longer be entitled to use it.

2.4. If the Gift Card was purchased via an electronic point of sale, the

maximum value that may be loaded onto the Gift Card is £1,000. The

Gift Card will be activated at the point of sale and the monies will

typically be available for use within one hour of purchase.

2.5. If Your Gift Card was purchased over the internet, typically the

maximum value that may be loaded onto the Gift Card is £1,000 and the

monies will typically be available for use within one hour of activation.

2.6. Additional funds cannot be loaded onto Your Gift Card after initial


2.7. In limited circumstances, multiple Gift Card balances can be

consolidated into a single Gift Card. To find out whether or not this

service is available for Your Gift Cards, please contact or speak to Us directly in store, in

accordance with section 14 below. Combining multiple Gift Card

balances is subject to a small administration fee which will also be

loaded on to Your Gift Card, as outlined in section 5 below.


3.1. We may ask for personal information and evidence of Your identity

before we issue a Gift Card to You. We do so to combat fraud, money

laundering and other financial crime. We also use this information to

identify You and Your Gift Card in the event that it is lost or stolen. We

only keep this information for as long as necessary and for the purposes

described. Following the purchase of Your Gift Card, you may request

that We remove your details from our database.

3.2. If You fail to provide Us with the requested evidence of identity, or if

at Our sole discretion We are not satisfied with the evidence You have

presented to Us, We reserve the right not to issue a Gift Card to You.

Our decision shall be final and We shall not be obliged to provide a

reason for refusing to issue a Gift Card to You.

3.3. Each Gift Card will have a unique identification number and contain

the name of the recipient and user.

3.4. Upon the redemption of Your Gift Card in store, the recipient will

need to present a form of photo identification and the original PDF Gift

Voucher on any readable electronic device. This can include: smart

devices, tablets, laptops, memory sticks and hard drives.

3.5. If the recipient fails to present either photo identification or Your Gift

Voucher, We will not be able Your Gift Card as payment for any goods

or services.


We are committed to ensuring that all of the personal information We

hold is secured, protected and used responsibly at all times. We comply

with current data protection legislation.


The table below outlines the fees and charges which apply to the

purchase and use of Gift Cards:

Fee Decription Fee Value

Administration Fee; for the

manual work involved in carrying

out the redemption or refund of

the remaining balance.

20% of the total value.

Administration Fee; for the cost of

consolidating the balance of two

or more Gift Cards.

Note that Our Gift Card balance

consolidation service is only

available in limited

circumstances; please see

section 2.7. above for further


£5.00 for the consolidation of any number of

Gift Card balances. This fee will be loaded onto

Your new voucher and will be redeemable by

the recipient.

Depending on the nature of Your enquiry it may be possible to have the

applicable fee deducted directly from Your Gift Card balance.

Alternatively, You may elect to make payment for an applicable fee



6.1. You can purchase Your Gift Card in store or by contacting Us via:

6.2. You must provide us with details of the amount You would like in

credit and the name of the recipient who will ultimately use the card.

6.3. Providing that You have detailed all the information that We

should require, We will send You an invoice and these Terms and


6.4. Payment should be made via a secure server and using any of

the payment methods supported by it.

6.5. Upon receipt of payment, We will prepare Your Gift Card and

forward it to You via email when complete.

6.6. Once You receive the Gift Card you may send it securely to the



7.1. You are responsible for sending the PDF Gift Card that We

provide you with, to your chosen recipient. Please note that when We

issue Your Gift Card, the name of your recipient will contained on the

Gift Card and is not transferable. If exceptional circumstances You

require to transfer the Gift Card, You must contact Us via the methos

shown in Section 14.

7.2. We will be entitled to assume that a transaction was authorised

by You where:

7.2.1. Where relevant information is supplied to the retailer which

allows the transaction to be processed, as mentioned in Section 3.4.

7.3. Once We have received Your instruction to proceed with the

transaction, the transaction can not be stopped or revoked. Please refer

to section 14 of this agreement for more information.

7.4. The Gift Card may only be used in full. Part payment may be

taken and the person using the Gift Card will be required to pay the

outstanding amount of the purchase by alternative means, for example,

cash or debit or credit card.

7.5. In the case of exceptional circumstances, part redemption may be

taken from your Gift Card at Our own discretion and the remaining

balance will be logged. The balance will be redeemable at a later date

but before the original expirey.

7.6 Note that there is no need to print the Gift Card and instead any

method shown in Section 3.4.


8.1. Gift Cards purchased only from Us directly are redeemable in

store with Us.

8.3. You must not attempt to use Your Gift Card via other retailers;

8.4. A Gift Card may not be topped up after use;

8.5. A Gift Card can not be used to withdraw cash via ATMs, banks or

other institutions;

8.6. A Gift Card is not permitted to be used for the purposes of

purchasing foreign currency;

8.7. A Gift Card is not permitted to be used for the purpose of

purchasing Our Gift Cards;

8.8. A Gift Card is not permitted to be used for mail order, telephone,

internet or other non – face – to – face transactions;

8.9. A Gift Card is not:

8.9.1. Linked to a bank account;

8.9.2. A cheque guarantee card;

8.9.3. A charge card; or

8.9.4. A credit card.

8.10. A Gift Card balance does not attract interest;

8.11. A Gift Card is neither permitted nor suitable to be used for the

purposes of identification;

8.12. A Gift Card may not be used for preauthorised regular payments,

for gambling, or for any illegal purposes;

8.13. We may restrict use of Your Gift Card if:

8.13.1. We suspect that the Gift Card is being used for, or is in any

way associated with, fraudulent or other illegal activities;

8.13.2. We believe You have breached, or otherwise failed to comply

with, these terms and conditions; or

8.13.3. In the event of exceptional circumstances which prohibit the

normal operation of the Gift Card.


9.1. Your Gift Card will cease to be valid twelve months from the date

upon which it was purchased; We refer to this date as Your Gift Card’s

expiry date. On the expiry date Your Gift Card will cease to function and

You will no longer be entitled to use it. Any balance remaining on Your

Gift Card at the expiry date will be forfeited; We therefore encourage

You to use the full balance of Your Gift Card prior to its expiry. Any

funds forfeited will be used to support the ongoing operation of the Gift

Card programme in question.

10.2. For a period of ninety days from Your Gift Card’s expiry date

You have the option to request that any balance which remained at the

time of expiry be restored, subject to the payment of a fee of £9.95. If

You do elect to request restoration and make payment of the applicable

fee, Your Gift Card balance will be restored and will remain valid for a

period of ninety days from the date upon which You requested


We may ask You to provide evidence of ownership of the Gift Card

before restoring the appropriate balance and We may also ask You to

provide evidence of Your identity.

9.3. If You are uncertain as to the expiry date of Your Gift Card,

please contact Customer Services in accordance with section

14 below.


10.1. The original purchaser of the Gift Card is entitled to a fourteen

day cooling off period. If You are the original purchaser and You wish to

cancel Your Gift Card please return it to the customer service desk in

the appropriate shopping centre or retail venue, unsigned and unused,

together with Your original sales receipt, within fourteen days of

purchase. If You purchased Your Gift Card via the internet, a card

dispensing kiosk or a mobile point of sale and You would like to request

its cancellation, please contact Customer Services in accordance with

Section 14 below.

Any funds returned to the original purchaser under this section 11.1 will

be refunded in the same form as they were received. For example, if the

original purchaser elected to pay for the Gift Card using a debit or credit

card, the funds will be refunded to the same debit or credit card.

10.2. If You exercise Your right to a refund under section 11.1 above,

We will interpret this as Your withdrawal from this agreement and where

possible We will retain the Gift Card.


You are responsible for keeping Your Gift Card and the associated

details safe. You must take all reasonable steps to avoid the loss, theft

or misuse of the Gift Card and the associated details. Do not disclose

details associated with the Gift Card to anyone except where it is

absolutely necessary. For example, when carrying out a transaction or

when passing the Gift Card to another individual as a gift or gesture.


12.1. If Your Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged We encourage You

to contact Customer Services in accordance with section 14 below at

the earliest reasonable opportunity. We may ask that You provide a

variety of details in order to confirm that You are the authorised holder

of the Gift Card. Following completion of this verification process, (if

required), We will:

12.1.1. Block Your Gift Card, if You have reported it lost or stolen; or

12.1.2. Cancel Your Gift Card if You have reported it damaged.

12.2. The blocking or cancellation of Your Gift Card will ensure that it

can no longer be used while, where possible, We make arrangements

for a replacement Gift Card to be made available to You.

12.3. You will be held liable for the value of all transactions if We

believe, or have reason to suspect that:

12.3.1. You have acted fraudulently;

12.3.2. You intentionally, recklessly or negligently failed to keep Your

Gift Card or details of its security features safe; or

12.3.3. An undue or unreasonable period of delay elapsed in between

Your Gift Card being lost or stolen and Your notifying Customer

Services of the loss or theft.

12.4. We may limit Your liability to a maximum of £50 for lost or stolen

Gift Cards if You are deemed to have notified Customer Services of the

loss or theft at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

12.5. Following satisfactory completion of the verification process

described in section 12.1 above We may make arrangements for a

replacement Gift Card to be made available to You from the appropriate

shopping centre or retail venue. In the event that We are able to make a

replacement Gift Card available to You, a fee of £5.95 will apply.

12.6. Replacement Gift Cards are:

12.6.1. Only available for collection up to the expiry date of the

original Gift Card which has been lost, stolen or damaged;

12.6.2. Only available if the original Gift Card which has been lost,

stolen or damaged and was purchased from Us directly; and

12.6.3. Valid for a period of twelve months from the date that the

replacement Gift Card is collected.

12.7. The cooling off period described in section 10.1 above does not

apply to replacement Gift Cards.


14.1. If You believe You did not authorise a particular transaction, or if

You would like to raise a dispute over the goods or services purchased,

You should contact Customer Services at the earliest reasonable

opportunity in accordance with section 14 below. If an undue or

unreasonable period of delay elapses in between the occurrence of the

transaction or dispute in question and Your notifying Customer

Services, We may not be able to assist You.

14.2. In certain circumstances, a transaction will be initiated but not

completed. Where this happens, this may result in the value of the

transaction being deducted from the Gift Card balance and becoming

unavailable for use; We refer to this as a hanging authorisation or

block. In these cases, You must contact Customer Services in

accordance with section 14 below and present evidence to show that

the transaction has been cancelled or reversed. In the absence of

sufficient evidence We retain the right to impose a waiting period of five

working days prior to reinstatement of the blocked amount onto Your

Gift Card.


14.1. All enquiries in connection with a Gift Card should be made to

Us by:

14.1.1. Calling 01308 424411 (Please be advised there may be

additional access charges from your service provider)

14.1.2. Writing to: Waste Not Want Not Bridport Limited, 17 South

Street, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3NR; or

14.1.3. E – mailing Us at

14.2. Customer Services are available from 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 10:00AM to 6:30PM Thursday, 8:30AM to

4:30PM Wednesday and Saturday. (Times are shown in Greenwich

Mean Time).

14.3. If You wish to make a complaint in relation to Your Gift Card You

should, in the first instance, contact Us using the details provided

above. You will be asked to explain the reason for Your dissatisfaction.

We will log Your complaint and investigate it in accordance with Our

Complaints Handling Procedure. Once We have investigated Your

complaint We will issue You with a final response in writing.


17.1. We will be liable for any;

17.1.1. Losses which were not foreseeable at the time of the purchase

of the Gift Card;

17.1.2. Losses which were not caused by any breach on Our part;

17.1.3. Business losses; or

17.1.4. Losses to non – consumers.

17.2. In any event the liability of the organisations described in

Sections 1.2 and 1.3 will be limited to the value loaded onto the Gift

Card at the time of purchase.

17.3. The United Kingdom’s Financial Services Compensation

Scheme (“FSCS”) and other deposit protection schemes do not

apply to Your Gift Card. This means that in the event the relevant

Gift Card issuer becomes insolvent Your Gift Card may cease to

function and may become valueless. You will not be able to

reclaim this money from the FSCS or any other deposit protection



18.1. These terms and conditions may be changed or amended at any

time for legal, regulatory or security reasons or to enable the proper

delivery of the Gift Card scheme. If any changes are made they will be

publicised two months before the changes take effect (unless law

requires Us to make a more immediate change) and copies of the

revised terms and conditions will be made available online at

18.2. Due to the nature of Gift Card programmes, it is often difficult or

impossible for Us to contact each individual cardholder in the event of a

change to these terms and conditions. It is therefore the responsibility of

both the Gift Card purchaser and the recipient to check the website regularly for changes to terms and

conditions. We will assume that You have done so and will be entitled to

assume You have accepted any changes to these terms and conditions

unless You notify Us otherwise.


The law of England and Wales applies to these terms and conditions

and the Courts of England and Wales shall deal with any legal

proceedings between You and Us.

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