Fashion is a dirty business. And jeans are one of the dirtiest garments out there. Due to its volume the denim industry has a big impact. On average people buy two billion pairs of jeans each year. Less than 1% of materials used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing. Let’s do this differently.


The circular economy guides every decision made at MUD Jeans. From the design of their jeans, in which they said goodbye to leather patches, to taking back your worn MUD Jeans for recycling. The ultimate goal: a world without waste. Along the way we’ve already made a lot of impact.

All MUD Jeans products once they are beyond wear, can be returned to the factory for repair or recycling, in exchange for a MUD Jeans Voucher.  In addition the company offer a Jeans Leasing service for periods of a year, following which you can choose to keep them or return for repair and resale as vintage products.


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