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  • Gives relief to sore and aching muscles and relieves constipation
  • Soothes aches removes odours and softens rough skin with a foot soak
  • Skin exfoliator massage on to wet skin when showering or bathing then simply rinse
  • Suitable to take as a food supplement

Epsom salts (magnesium Sulphate) derive their name from a salty spring in Epsom, Surrey. Power Health Epsom salts are suitable to take as a food supplement and are used to treat constipation. The main ingredient, magnesium Sulphate is a laxative. It works by drawing water into the bowel which softens stools and makes them easier to pass. Power Health Epsom salts are suitable to use externally. When magnesium Sulphate is absorbed through the skin, such as in a bath, It draws toxins from the body, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles.

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