Jungle Culture – Bamboo Drinking Cup


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Our handmade bamboo drinking cups are cut using a single piece of organic bamboo and polished to create the perfect vessel for your morning smoothie or tropical cocktail!

Set contains:

1 x Bamboo drinking cup (18cm Height – 500ml capacity)

  1. 18cm Tall – Perfect for cocktails!
  2. 500ml Large capacity for big morning smoothies
  3. Zero waste – packaged plastic-free and wrapped in recycled tissue paper
  4. Handmade with care by artisan craftspeople in rural Vietnam

Natural products require a little more care than non-sustainable products, but follow these simple tips and your bamboo cups will last for a lifetime:

– Hand wash only – Do not put in the dishwasher
– Keep your wooden cups away from microwaves and refrigerators.
– Try not to leave your cups to soak for too long. Bamboo doesn’t like to soak!

  • Our bamboo cups are hand crafted by skilled artisans in Thanh Hóa province, Northern Vietnam.

    Thanh Hóa is littered with hills and mountains, making the topography perfect for farming bamboo. Because of the large rainfall in Northern Vietnam and the intense sun, our bamboo can grow without the need for added water, unlike other bamboo farming locations in Asia.

    Jungle Culture helps to support small scale farms and artisan craftspeople, by investing in their products and always treating them fairly and with respect!

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Medium 30cm, Long 35cm


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