Lime Catcher



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A new kind of lime-catcher, which can be used in water-tanks, electrical water-boilers and other appliances, where water is being heated.  The handling is most simple.  Therefore a perfect function is always guaranteed.

Simply place the knitted product into the water to be heated.  The lime which will be deposited usually on the sides of your tank or on the flue of your electrical water boiler, or even remains in the water, will be absorbed now by the lime catcher for the most part and therefore taken away from the water.  In case of high lime content in local water supply, a white calcarcous deposit on the precious steel knitwear is recognisable only after a short time.

The lime catcher works without the use of any chemicals, for the well-being of your health and in favour of very good taste.  When the lime catcher becomes completely contaminated with lime, just squeeze it or tap it, to free it from the lime.

By Redecker


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