Organic Coconut Oil 1L Jar



  • £2 from every litre sold goes straight to the farmer!
  • Perfect for frying, cooking, baking and roasting
  • Organic, Cold Pressed, Raw and Extra Virgin
  • 0% cholesterol
  • Natural moisturiser and make up remover
  • Reusable premium latch storage jar

100% Coconut

Sri Lanka

Sick of single use packaging? Well the team at Coconut Merchant certainly are. That’s why we have launched our award-winning, organic coconut oil in this premium latch 1L jar. Practical and durable, this kilner style jar is designed to be used for years once the coconut oil has run out. The reliable airtight seal and high-quality clip means that food is kept fresher for longer – once the oil is finished, use the jar to store your muesli, flour, rice and so much more.

Coconut Merchant’s coconut oil is raw, organic, extra virgin and cold pressed. As with all the range, it’s 100% natural, premium quality and of course – ethically sourced. In fact, £2 of every litre of coconut oil sold goes straight to farmers around the world.

Coconut oil is one of the few foods which has gained the prestigious title of being classified as a ‘superfood’. With a myriad of uses, it can be used in every type of dish of which you can think. Perfect for frying, baking or cooking, it can add a whole new dimension to a sweet or savoury meal. You can even spread it on toast instead of butter and use it as a beauty product, so we believe that our coconut oil covers nearly all your household needs! There’s only one ingredient that goes into our oil: 100% natural, raw, unrefined, cold pressed Ceylon coconut oil. This means that our oil is preservative free, gluten free and vegan-friendly.


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