Rugged Nature – Beard Comb



Use with a traditional bristled shaving brush to create an incredibly creamy lather and apply. We have formulated this recipe with a base of Olive oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter to moisturize and leave the skin feeling naturally soft. We have also included some French yellow clay in this soap for its clarifying properties, as it helps to draw out toxins from the pores.

Lemongrass and Tea Tree essential oils are both refreshing and uplifting as well as being antifungal and anti bacterial.

​This is a great shaving soap for a present or anyone who’s looking for a  natural and invigorating morning shave.


  • Rugged Nature Small Wooden Comb

    Peach wood fine toothed comb 9cm with Rugged Nature Logo (not yet pictured)

    A natural and sustainable alternative to plastic combs with a great aesthetic.

    Rugged Nature Accessories 

    Whilst we don’t manufacture all of our accessories ourselves, we do hold all of our inventory in-house (never drop-shipping) and thoroughly test each item to ensure that you always will receive a top-quality item.

    We work with manufacturers to ensure eliminate plastic packaging and aim to use sea or train freight (not air) to reduce the carbon footprint wherever we can.


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