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The necessity of plastic straws in everyday life is being reevaluated. Identified as one of the ‘big 4’ of plastic items found in beach clean ups, straws are used for a split moment in time, possibly for as little as  20 minutes, but will remain on earth with potentially devastating effects,  forever. If films like Plastic Ocean has taught us anything, it is this: our habitual use of single-use plastic items cannot be justified,  the practice can’t continue and renewable, sustainable and reusable alternatives need to be sought.

In August 2015, a team of marine biologists released a video that’s been dubbed ‘turtle nose’ which shows a distressed sea turtle having a plastic straw removed from one of his nostrils.

The video quickly went viral and finally demonstrated the severity of our plastic habit and what its doing to unsuspecting wildlife.

The video started an important conversation about the presence of plastic straws in our lives post turtle nose and in era enlightened to the true extent of our plastic problem.

In the years since, a number of pubs have declared a no-straw stance including one of the UK’s biggest chains stated they would phase out plastic straws by the end of 2017. In the past year alone, I have noticed  a number  of pubs showing their support for a plastic straw-free world and no longer provide customers with plastic straws.

As a result, the rise of long lasting, robust food-grade straws have been introduced and these are some of them.

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