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I Love Waste Not Want Not and genuinely always feel great after shopping there. Lydia stocks great products at great prices with great service!

Wonderful (and inspirational to all) that such a young women has achieved the huge task of not only setting up a shop and new business from scratch, but one that supports a zero waste and sustainability based lifestyle at a time when it is so important to our planet.

After a month of shopping there I cannot imagine having to go back to plastic packaged foods and containers. I wish her every success.

Louise, Bridport

Amazing little gem of a shop! Lydia is super nice and helpful, found time to chat to us. The range she offers is quite wide, with room to expand! It’s lovely to see such an initiative from such a young person �
Products are reasonably priced and you are sure to find something special to treat yourself to.
We will definitely be going again when back in the area, as we live in Kent.


Love Love Love this place, the aesthetic as soon as you walk in makes you feel welcome along with both Lydia’s and Miriams friendly conversations. Lydia guided me around the shop and gave me good information. I was nervous going in as it was the first zero waste shop i had visited so wasn’t sure what to expect but would now recommend to everyone in Bridport. Amazing People, Amazing Shop and whats more saves the environment.

Kathryn, Weymouth

Quality products with great prices.

Cathryn, Shipton Gorge

Best shop ever. They do everything, so reasonable and the way forward!

Jess, Bridport

Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Some fantastic products in store at a good price.

Kaitlin, Somerset

Fantastic to have a local ZW shop, very well stocked and looks great too.

Sheralyn, Dorset

Vegan Teapots Catering

Lovely staff, great products. Worth a visit!

Caroline, Unknown

Loads of zero waste items including toiletries and other items not usually stocked in zero waste shops wonderful!

Tom, Dorset

Bought some fruit tea this morning! Absolutely love it! Lovely shop, the lady is very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!

Dawn, Dorset

Great little shop, Lydia is great and really helpful.

Paul, Lyme Regis

It is fabulous to have this zero waste shop in Bridport especially as it has been created and funded by the young owner who had the courage and resourcefulness to do it herself. The shop is a delight to visit with a fantastic range of organic products all beautifully displayed. Service is knowledgable and friendly. Prices are competitive with supermarkets for an organic product and no plastic .

Barbara, Dorset

I Love this shop. So Awesome that you can bring your own container and buy a small amount just to try and share or a buy a large amounts to stock up on Organic Vegan favourites.  You can’t get better than that!

Kenny, Bridport

What a wonderful and innovative shop. It shows that if we use single use plastics, we can recycle them effectively.

Will definitely be using them again.

Looking forward to website and hopefully online ordering.

Mark, Dorset

Visited Bridport yesterday and thought this shop was excellent. I wish you lots of luck with your new venture and hope more places like this will open around the UK. Brilliant!

Fiona, Unknown

Fabulous shop, so pleased you’ve opened it and stock such a great range of products!

Louise, Dorset

Excellent produce at reasonable prices and no waste packaging required. Win, win, win!

Simon, Lyme Regis

Very helpful service and a fun shopping experience. I will definately come back and bring an eco brick or 2

Angela, Dorset

Great service and new fabulous products every time I visit.

Anne, Dorset

Wonderful shop I was surprised just how many different products on offer flours cereals grains spices and herbs nuts and my personal favourite, chocolate drops. Handmade soaps deodorant shampoo and reusable bamboo straws and more. Very good prices too, filled up my old washing up liquid and detergent bottles and didn’t cost me any more than I paid at my super market and didn’t create more plastic waste either. They also have free water, if you are thirsty you can top up your water bottle while you are there.
Friendly and helpful staff, happy to show you round and talk you through how it all works.
Plus I dropped off my first Ecobrick, now I know what to do with my empty crisp packets!

Helen, Hertfordshire

Love how efficient and easy peasy the touch screen weighing system is. I went in for hand wash and washing up liquid, it doesn’t cost any more than average supermarket prices, which was actually not what I was expecting, so that was a particularly nice surprise (although it now means I can’t see the sense in buying these products from the supermarket anymore.) I wish there was one in Yeovil

Milena, Yeovil

Love this shop. So pleased to have found it. Highly recommend it.

Simon, West Bay


Wow! What a fantastic gem of a shop to find in South Street. So much to choose from and at the same time doing your thing to reduce waste! Well done to lovely Lydia who has created the most wonderful zero waste shop

Charlotte, Bridport

So pleased to have this in Bridport, beautifully set out and easy to use, great array of organic products. Great help if needed, so happy to be able to buy with less packaging. Thank you!!

Sophie, Dorset

Love it!

Lucy, Dorset

was like a kid in a sweet shop, this place is amazing! if you’re prepared (i wasn’t – just leapt out the car) then you can use your own jars and containers to buy every pantry staple you could need without the packaging. they also had a really lovely selection of package free and cruelty free bodycare products and homewares.
Dilys, Unknown

How it works

All our customers are encouraged to bring along containers from home. As long as the containers or produce bag is clean, all containers are accepted.

When you come into the shop for the first time, or with a different container, using the self serve scales, you will be able to weigh your container and be presented with a barcode that retains this information for everytime you fill up 

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